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What’s behind the decision to sell a property?

Without people, there would be no real estate to buy or sell. No transactions, no escrows, and no nothing. So why do so many professionals in this industry forget about the people? Yes, the people, their motives, their worries, their fears, their pets, the misinformation they receive, the neighbor’s guilt they take on and the real reason they are selling. All the feelings behind the mask of the happy seller.

If you google “What someone goes through to make a decision” this statement pops up. “Our brains usually run-on autopilot when we make decisions, despite fooling us into believing that we know exactly what we are doing. However, our decisions are often swayed by emotions, social bias, and social influences than we may like to believe.” June 6, 2017. So why are so many focused on the cookie-cutter plan that begins with the For Sale Signs and getting the stagger set up?

Yes, the physical structure of a property is important, like presenting yourself well in a great-looking outfit when you go on a date. But the outfit only goes so far. The emotions, vibe, and decision to make another date is also important. Reasons why we do what we do. Why we want to sell our houses, possessions and where we want to live and with whom. It is not always about the money, so I have heard from the countless clients I have served.

I am no stranger to the San Francisco Bay Area. I am born and raised here and earned a Psychology degree from Holy Names University in the Oakland Hills. Having experienced life in the Bay Area, I have lived in numerous San Francisco Bay Area communities over the years. I have entrenched myself with knowledge about Northern California’s demographics, history, socioeconomics, community developments and plain ole just understanding what people want and what scares them. Of course, this is where my Psychology degree comes in handy. Understanding and relating to people with compassion and professional foresight is what it is all about for me. I believe that people usually know what they want, need and desire, but they just don’t know how to get it while feeling good about the process. Selling or buying the biggest assets of their lives may not always work well with a cookie-cutter plan and a huge sign in their yard.

You may want not to make decisions based on what you hear or what friends tell you. Real Estate decision makers need a professional that is honest, knowledgeable and can relieve the stress that so many experience in selling or buying properties. You and your family should make good decisions based on expert advice and experience. I often say, you would not have your friend diagnose you with a specific illness, you would go to the Doctor. Let friends be friends and not your real estate professional. Every situation is unique, and people need a customized plan to help them succeed.

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