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If you have not noticed the CAL Home Team loves pets. The team has taken tips and advice from Henri. Henri symbolizes the importance of our furry loved ones and our passion to keep all pets safe. Henri suggested to us years ago, that pets need protecting during a real estate transaction. The CAL Home team does not use lockboxes to protect the safety of all pets. For Sale signs can encourage unwanted visitors which is the reason why CAL Home does not use these outdated methods. Pets can be frightened and stressed out when their family home is for sale. They need to feel secure and always protected. It is their home too and we never forget that!

Henri is no stranger to Television. He has been on KRON4 Television with Suzanne Rocha and has showed off his good looks and nifty bow ties. Henri loves his morning and evening walks, midday naps and barking at all delivery drivers. He is friendly and very well known in downtown Walnut Creek. He never passes up a snack or a chance to say Hello

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Whether it’s buying your dream home or selling your current one, Suzanne Rocha and the CAL Home team are here to help.