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Selling A Home in San Francisco

Expert Real Estate Insight

Homeowners often ask; “When is the best time to sell my home?” While there are no crystal balls to rely on, there are experts such as Suzanne Rocha and her team to guide you. Understanding the market and its market influences is key.

It’s also important to know a Buyer’s purchasing power as it relates to current interest rates. Depending on the area, many sellers are experiencing multiple offers on their properties. With a below-average inventory market, many buyers are willing to give up asking for expensive requests, repairs, and even closing costs.

Depending on the competition, some buyers are purchasing properties in an AS-IS condition and even allowing “temporary seller rent backs” after close of escrow to help them in their transition. Suzanne guides homeowners on how to price their homes so that competition is created and goals may be exceeded.

Oftentimes, Sellers are able to receive funds quicker with shorter close of escrows with many buyers paying all cash for properties. In addition, sellers are in a position to ask for terms that are favorable to their situation to help in the transition to another property. Keep in mind that a low inventory market is not always going to remain.

The Cal Home Advantage

Working with Suzanne Rocha and the Cal Home team is an advantage. We offer our clients top Negotiation Skills, Innovative Marketing Programs, Superior Market Knowledge, and the ability to meet your goal…it’s that simple. A customized plan is developed to help clients GAIN THE MOST VALUE for their properties.

We do not use For Sale Signs or the type of Public Open Houses that so many homeowners dread. Quite frankly that type of marketing can be outdated. Suzanne offers innovative marketing programs that attract qualified buyers and other professional agents who have qualified buyers.

Safety is at the top of our list! We do not sacrifice your safety for the sake of a routine marketing tactic. As a high-profile real estate firm, many buyers routinely follow our listings. At Cal Home, we are well-known for our trustworthiness as well as our track record of success! We believe in our clients’ goals and get the job done.

We pride ourselves in the ability to achieve top prices for our listings all over the Bay Area and beyond. Our knowledge is beyond understanding your immediate need and the current market but also negotiating the best price for you.

We make happy clients for life like this one! If you’re looking to sell a home in the San Francisco, CA Bay Area, contact us online or call (925) 858-9358 today!

No signs in your yard or
public open houses!

Suzanne and the Cal Home team don’t need to use For Sale Signs or the type of Open Houses that invite strangers into a seller’s home. Pubic Open Houses may draw unqualified buyers, weekend looky loos, nosey neighbors, or even suspicious characters.

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Whether it’s buying your dream home or selling your current one, Suzanne Rocha and the CAL Home team are here to help.