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How We Help Bay Area Buyers & Sellers

How We Help Bay Area Buyers & Sellers


Empty-nesters know the feeling: “this place is just too big now!” Moving from a bigger to a smaller property with less maintenance and even less expense.


Family is growing, receiving a job promotion, and/or the overall desire to live in a bigger and better home.


“Retirement is here and I don’t want this big house payment any longer?” Sound familiar? Retirees may be going on a fixed income or wish to have extra money to travel. Sometimes homeowners can no longer handle stairs and need to move to a one level home.

Job Relocation

How exciting! Perhaps a homeowner needs to relocate to another area or state due to their employment or professional endeavor.

Tired of being a landlord?

Tenant slow to pay or not paying? Always getting those calls to fix something? One tenant moves out and you need to fix up the property before a new tenant moves in. Many landlords get tired of the financial obligation and the gray hair!

Personal Issues & Divorce

Sometimes the need to sell a property may be due to personal issues and/or divorce. Suzanne is able to deliver an unbiased exceptional experience to both parties without the uncomfortable feeling that one party is being treated better or favored more than the other party. Both homeowners will experience the utmost professionalism and benefit from Suzanne’s expertise.


Suzanne and the Cal Home Team have successfully worked with many probate attorneys and probate court proceedings. We understand the process, the sensitive nature of the transaction and get the job done!

Distressed Properties

Sometimes homeowners arrive at a point when they can no longer afford their properties. This may be a result of financial/economic hardships, tenant troubles, or other personal issues. Distressed properties may have equity or may be underwater and therefore a Short Sale is necessary. Cal Home has extensive experience with helping distressed homeowners with the hope of getting back into the market soon.

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Whether it’s buying your dream home or selling your current one, Suzanne Rocha and the CAL Home team are here to help.