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Real Estate Market vs Stock Market

Real Estate is a tangible, physical property while stocks are often shorter-term liquid investments. Why am I mentioning this? I get asked daily “When is the best time to buy or sell (real estate).” Many people have confided in me about the...

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Why is Selling As-Is Attractive?

Do you know how many people have delayed relocating to another property because they don’t have the energy, time, or finances to overhaul their home and get their property ready to sell? Trust me, there are quite a lot of homeowners who are i...

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I know it’s hard to not Google “Housing Bubble”, but you should not and here’s why. There is no doubt that we may be entering or already in a market correction. Yes, it’s a market correction not a housing bubble or market crash. There...

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What’s behind the decision to sell a property?

Without people, there would be no real estate to buy or sell. No transactions, no escrows, and no nothing. So why do so many professionals in this industry forget about the people? Yes, the people, their motives, their worries, their fears, the...

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Don’t Panic, The Sky is Not Falling!

Remember this seen in the 2011 Chicken Little Movie? Well, I peeked out the window and saw the sun and a few scattered clouds. The sky is not falling, and neither are the interest rates soon. Currently, buyers are feeling like the sky is fallin...

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A piggy bank sits on a packed box in a packed living room - Cal Home Real Estate Services

Is it Time to Downsize Your Living?

When people think of buying a new home, they typically think of upgrading: purchasing a larger living space with more area to spread out and raise a family. However, in plenty of cases, an upgrade can actually mean a downsize. In fact, for ...

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A beautiful well lit living room staged for home tours by CalHome sits ready to accept potential buyers

How to Stage a House For Sale

Home staging is a proven technique for getting your house sold quicker because it makes your place stand out from other homes for sale. While there are no guarantees, staging might help you get a better price as well. At Cal Home Real Estat...

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A woman creates a home inventory for insurance purposes as directed by Cal Homes

Creating a Home Inventory

A catastrophic event in your home, such as a fire, natural disaster, or break-in, can be overwhelming. Creating a home inventory gives you a list of your belongings that you can share with your insurance company so that you can get your lif...

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New Home Necessities Checklist

The first-time homebuyer may need to purchase essential items to equip the new house and make it a comfortable place to live. Homeowners are different in what they need and want to equip the new home properly. Window dressings, clea...

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