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Often, when people think of Real Estate Investors, they imagine money-grabbing “flippers” who only care about a quick profit. This is not the case with the Investors we chose to work with. It is all about providing VALUE to the homeowner, the neighborhood, and the local community.

Let’s face it, it takes money, time, and effort to upgrade properties to impress buyers with modern-day expectations. Many homeowners do not have the resources or the desire to go through renovation and big projects. Sometimes, buyers may not appreciate the work that was done because it may not be the desired upgrades in today’s market.

Also, permit processes and working with different tradespeople can be overwhelming. It is also difficult to live through construction. The more a home deteriorates the more expensive it is to fix, even getting back to livable conditions. So many homeowners feel “trapped” as if they are on a sinking ship.

When properties deteriorate, this not only affects the homeowner but the neighborhood and community in general. Depreciation starts to take place which also affects the desirability of the neighborhood and the ultimate property values. Properties that are well maintained are desirable for buyers, and as well rent prices.

The Investors we attract at CAL Home, are those wanting to make properties shine again. They desire to bring them up to code, energy-efficient and desirable for families to move in. Revitalizing a property also contributes to the revitalization of the community. It offers work to tradespersons, such as contractors, electricians, plumbers, painters, carpenters, roofers, landscapers, and solar installers.

Purchases are made for energy-efficient appliances, flooring, windows, and other necessary amenities. Bottom line is that many Investors prepare the home for the next family to move into and create memories instead of living through construction and stress.

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