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James Bass

James Bass
Realtor/Market Specialist

James Bass graduated from Chico State University with a BA from the College of Business, with an emphasis in Entrepreneurship and Small Business Studies. He has worked with multiple organizations where he has focused on leadership development and operation management.

James has extensive experience in sales and freelance marketing. He is a real “people person” and can make anyone feel comfortable as he provides critical information to enable home buyers and sellers to make the best decision at the best possible time. He is very detail-oriented and very focused on what it takes to make his clients successful. His loyalty and trust are true virtue.

In addition, James has an enthusiastic passion for sports, whether it’s watching his beloved Bay Area franchises dominate, or going out on the field/court and playing the sports that bring him joy. James is an active tennis and basketball player, and a huge advocate for group activities, such as Spikeball and cornhole. He practices every day, rain, or shine.

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