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Why is Selling As-Is Attractive?

Do you know how many people have delayed relocating to another property because they don’t have the energy, time, or finances to overhaul their home and get their property ready to sell? Trust me, there are quite a lot of homeowners who are in this challenging stage. Even the thought of decluttering is overwhelming for some.

For as long back as we can remember real estate agents have been advising homeowners with a checklist of tasks to get accomplished before any steps are taken to market their property. The same thing is true for waiting until Springtime to put your home on the market. Especially when the flowers are blooming. Many believe this is the best time. It may be the best time for some, but not everyone. Life situations do not wait for seasons to arrive before requiring attention. Year-round, people need to relocate, retire, downsize, upsize, or can no longer tolerate stairs or even tenants. Let’s also talk about the big factors such as economic conditions. This includes, loss of income, job change, interest rates, inflation, recession, taxes, and the list goes on. Many end-of-year transactions take place because of tax deadlines. So yes, people do move around the holidays.

It is important to understand that selling a property does not have to fit into a “cookie cutter” plan. Yes, there are options! Just as a property is unique so is a home seller’s situation. People can feel relieved that they can sell As-Is or have options for doing minor repairs to the property. Options is the Keyword here. Let’s face it, there are no guarantees that a buyer will appreciate the upgrades after all. Everyone has different tastes, needs, and functional requests. Before you spend the money and time, think about your options first.

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